Directory Preamble

This is the thirty-eighth year of the 452nd B.G.A. existence.  We currently have a very active enrollment of six-hundred members, many of whom are spouses, extended family, friends, and those who specifically show interest in WWII and the 452nd BG.

We are grateful to the International members, who total thirty-eight, for their continued support.

The 452nd Bomb Group (H) Eighth Army Air Corp, station 142, were stationed at Deopham Green base, and consisted of four squadrons – 728th, 729th, 730th, and 731st.   Not only were there ‘fly boys’, but ground crew including mechanics who kept the planes flying, 466th sub-depot personnel and firemen, truck drivers, medics, chemists, engineers, MP’s, cooks, weathermen, dispatchers, financiers, and clerks.

Deopham Green Aerodrome, in the County of Norfolk, England, is surrounded by Deopham (E), Great Ellingham (SW), Little Ellingham (W), and Hingham (N).  The closest train stations are in Attleborough (2.5 miles ); Wymondham (5 miles); and Norwich, capital city of Norfolk (15 miles ).  Norwich suffered severe bomb damage in WWII.  London is 90 miles south.

The founder of the 452nd Association was Rom Blaylock, a Navigator on ‘Johnny Reb’.  The first reunion was held in N. Miami Beach, in 1975, in conjunction with the Eighth AF Historical Society.  Of the twenty-nine who attended, the following are still members: Caesar Benigno, Bob Brandt, George Carmack, and Frank Enroughty. The 1st ‘452nd Yellow Book’ with pictures taken and assembled by Frank Jack (730th) and published by Jarrolds of Norwich, England.  The second issue was issued in 1976, and prepared by Marvin Barnes (Blue Book).  In May 1980, a third issue (Black book) was printed.  In 1975, Fifty-two members joined the BGA.  Past presidents of the BGA: Bob Brandt, Caesar Benigno, *Norb Ostrye, *Earl Hunt, *Dusty Rhoads, Frank Enroughty, *Vern Ready, Wayne Davis, * Jerry Miller, *Everett Phillips, *Bill Randall, *Bob Falsey, *Bob Brennan, *Don Novak, Everette Holcombe, Jack Hayes, Bill Roche, Bud Haedike, * Carl Tyner, * Pat Gallagher, * Matt Lamer, Bob Smothers, Bud Haedike, and Raymond Vernon.  * denotes deceased.

The reunions have been located in N. Miami Beach; Denver; Denver; Dayton; Atlanta; San Diego, Orlando; King of Prussia; Houston; Reno; Rapid City; Seattle; Boston; St. Louis; Tampa; Colorado Springs; San Antonio; Las Vegas; Dayton; Norfolk; Palm Springs; Minneapolis; Tucson; Savannah; Portland; Nashville; Colorado Springs; Charleston; San Diego; Oklahoma City; Savannah, Salt Lake City; Washington DC; Seattle; Omaha/Council Bluffs; Pittsburgh, Tempe/Phoenix; Jacksonville, FL; and Riverside, CA

A Memorial was dedicated at St. Andrews Church, Hingham, and a Memorial Stone on the airfield is located near the origin of Control Tower.  Many of the younger generation have shown an interest in, and dedication to, the 452nd Bomb Group and its Association.  Their goal is to continue the ideals and memories of the 452nd as a ‘living’ tribute to all who proudly served their country.

Carolyn (Cally) Boatwright, Secretary/Editor